Aurora Movie Poster Phenomenon pt. 3

30 08 2015

Twenty days later.  May 26, 2012.  A Saturday.  6:45 PM.

On a Saturday evening, if I am sitting at my “desk” (such as it was), then I am writing.  I remember that by this time I had filed the poster anomaly pictures from May 6 away under the category of “weird but whatever.”  I looked up from time to time at that lower left corner of the movie poster and didn’t see anything unusual and went on about my business.  As I said, the “desk” (actually an old dinette table) served several purposes…writer’s desk, home-school classroom for my son, place for my wife to put crap she didn’t know what else to do with.

We have to deal with the fact that the light coming through the window to my right and a little behind is obviously different than it was 20 days earlier when the first anomaly occurred.  It’s later in the day, for one thing, and of course in 20 days time the angle of the sunlight through the window had changed…shifted.

None of that mattered to me.  Then or now.  I looked up from my work and saw what you are about to see in the images that follow.  I saw it immediately.  Something entirely different than the first incident.  Something more obviously demonic.  In fact, the moment I saw it (before I leapt up to grab the camera and start snapping pictures) I immediately reclassified the first image as more benign.  This new anomalous image was clearly demonic in nature.

As with the first set of images, I am not going to give any description of what I saw.  Here is the evidence, either you see it or you don’t.  I will post an article at the end of my “Poster Anomaly” series in which I discuss openly what I see in these pictures.  Until then, I want to give anyone who cares to look a chance to form their own opinion as to the strangeness (or lack thereof) of these images.

Here are the photos from 5-26-12:

Picture 065
Picture 066

Picture 067

Picture 068

Picture 069

Picture 070

Picture 071

Picture 072

Picture 073

Picture 074

Picture 075

Picture 076

Picture 077

Picture 078

Picture 079

Picture 080
Unlike the 5/6/2012 incident, this image persisted even when I got up from my chair and shot pictures from different angles.  In the last article of this series I will post the rest of the pictures from 5/27/2012 (the ones I began this series with) and explore a possible third manifestation.




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