Convulse The System

6 05 2010

There is only one way to save America.

We have to convulse the system.  In the same way that a doctor might apply a jolt of electrical current to a patient undergoing cardiac arrest, we are going to have to “shock” our so-called leaders, our so-called representatives in the house and the senate–at all levels of government: local, state, and federal.

How best to administer this nation-saving jolt?  I propose the following:

First, if you are legally allowed, you must register to vote.

Second, once or if you are registered to vote, you must vote in every election in which one person is vying to take, or keep, some position of governmental authority.  Dog-Catcher, Police Chief or County Sheriff, District Attorney, Mayor, State Legislator, Governor, Senator, Congressman, President–you have to vote in ALL of these elections.

Third, and most important…when you vote, you must vote AGAINST whomever is currently holding the office.  Do not get caught up in the confusion of “party politics.”  There are two major political parties in this country and BOTH of them suck.  BOTH of them are destroying this country to advance their own political agendas.  If the incumbent is a democrat, vote for the republican.  If the incumbent is a republican, vote for the democrat.  The party affiliation that you vote FOR is of no consequence, because they are all the same.  What is important is that you vote AGAINST any and all incumbent politicians, at all levels of government, in every election.

What will this accomplish?  Politically, nothing.  The idiots that you are voting IN are no better or different than the idiots that you are voting OUT.  What we hope to accomplish is to remind ALL people who seek political office that WE, THE PEOPLE, are in charge; that they were elected to promote, promulgate, and enforce the will of WE, THE PEOPLE, not conduct weird social and political experiments.

Tired of partisan politics?  Send this message.  Convulse the system.

S. A. Kelly / 5-6-2010




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