Hutaree: Extreme-er Than Thou

30 03 2010

It is a an absolute travesty of justice that the same mass media who will still not refer to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan–the Muslim extremist who killed 12 people and wounded 30 at Ft. Hood, Texas, in November 2009–as a Muslim extremist…BUT, will immediately jump all over the words CHRISTIAN, RIGHT WING EXTREMIST, and RADICAL in their recent reporting of the so-called Hutaree militia group.

Compare the headlines:

Gunman kills 12, wounds 31 at Fort Hood–NBC News and, Nov . 5, 2009

Boldfaced emphasis mine, here and hereafter.  Not an Islamic extremist, a “gunman.”  From the article:

An Army psychiatrist who opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 31 others, was shot but captured alive, military officials said late Thursday.

We know that the writer is aware of the “gunman’s” name because he or she reports it in the second paragraph.  But why does this writer choose to identify the “gunman” as “an army psychiatrist,” before giving us his name, Nidal Malik Hasan, in the second paragraph?

By contrast, the mainstream media wastes not time in tagging and categorizing the 9 militia members who were arrested.

Family Defends Christian Militia Group, Says Hutaree Did Nothing Wrong– 30, 2010

The fiancee of one of the members of a Christian extremist group arrested this week in a federal raid defended the Hutaree, saying that if group members had had plans for violence, “they would have done it already.”

In the headline and the first paragraph of the ABC News article we have the word “Christian” prominently displayed twice, with the words “militia” and “extremist” appended to it.

If it were just another case of “liberal media bias” it wouldn’t matter that much.  But the fact of the matter is, there are thousands of these same comparisons that can be made by anyone diligent enough to search-engine it out.  It is immediately and blatantly obvious that the far left intends to use it’s organ, the mainstream media, to pursue a tactic of demonizing conservatives, specifically those that oppose and have opposed it’s draconian blitzkrieg on the American Constitution and the will of the majority of the American people.

Do you honestly think the FBI stumbled over this horrific plot in mid March and went out and nabbed those bastards before they could do any real harm?  I find it very suspicious that this raid–which had to have been planned months in advance–wasn’t carried out until after the controversial health-care bill was rammed down the throats of the American people.

The Hutaree militia and the rising risk of far-right violence– Robinson/Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The arrests of members of a Michigan-based “Christian” militia group should convince doubters that there is good reason to worry about right-wing, anti-government extremism — and potential violence — in the Age of Obama.

And yet we can’t call a Muslim terrorist attack an attack by Muslim terrorists.  Look for for more of this from the left, as they scramble to save their political asses in future elections.




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