So I’m reading this commentary by Bruce Boston on

22 11 2009

"The Failure of Genre Poetry" and I’m thinking "fuck, this dude’s all over their asses" (meaning the mythic/goblin people) then I read a little further and I realized he was kinda getting up in my ass too. Then I realized that the whole goddam thing was published four years ago and didn’t have anything to do with me OR the mythos-driven femi-goblin folks. THEN I realized that the same bullshit fighting and arguing going on now must have been going on then, in order for Mr. Boston to spend his time commentating about the thing.

Are you kidding me? When I had to duck out of this poetic movement back in the mid 90’s we were a team. Nobody knew we existed except we, and the pinnacle of our publishing world was either Gardner Dozois or Patrick Price over at Amazing.

What the fuck happened? Why are we still having this argument?

Has Mr. Frazier been briefed?

I think "genre poetry" is alive and well thank you very much, it is so-called speculative poetry that has failed. Science fiction poetry, horror poetry, fantasy poetry…all have their adherents. It is speculative poetry that has become the big stinking garbage can full of interstitial slime.

And though there are exceptions, the overwhelming majority of these new genre poets, even once they start publishing regularly in the field, show little interest not only in the work that has come before them but also in the contemporary genre poetry being written by their peers.

Amen brother Boston. A-fucking-men and FYI…they are not "genre poets." They are speeeeeculative poets. Everybody else becomes a part of an artistic movement by studying and emulating those who have gone before. Expanding upon that. Not these people. They are far too lazy for that. They want their artistic movement ready-made. Just add water. Please send the Pulitzer Priority Mail.

They are too goddam lazy to do their own thing…to do the hard work that is involved in bringing like-minded people together and promulgating their ideas and their art. And they’ve got the goddam Internet. We didn’t have that. And all they want is the word speculative.

I say let them have it, and we move on.




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