Has radical feminism killed speculative poetry?

16 10 2009

I was reading through some more of Runolfson’s drivel and came across this post.  In the course of reading that post I was offered a link to THIS.  Runolfson is usually pretty easy to dismiss but an accusation of being sexually assaulted by an SFPA member certainly deserves a second–maybe even a third look.

This is why I was shocked (because such things are always a shock), but not surprised, when one of the male SFPA members personally attacking me made it sexual.

Two–maybe even three looks later I still couldn’t see were she had actually been sexually assaulted.  I would think she might file charges rather than blog about it, if it in fact occurred, but she seems more inclined to use the alleged incident to promote her feminist agenda and reshape the SFPA.

She goes out of her way to point out that it was one of the MALE members of the SFPA that sexually assaulted her.  Why does she need to make that distinction?  Has she also been sexually assaulted by FEMALE members of the SFPA?

I call bullshit.  I’ve been involved with the science fiction poetry community for a long time.  Long before the Internet.  Long before it was a "community."  This politically correct diversity-driven bullshit is killing the genre.  You people could fight your battles on a thousand fronts and you pick this little corner of the literary universe to make your stand.

I call bullshit.  Take it elsewhere.  Maybe you should spend more time developing your poetic craft and less time trying to take over the Science Fiction Poetry Association.  Until then, don’t bitch if the rest of us find it difficult to take you seriously.




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29 10 2009

Hi – your contributor copy of Star*Line was returned as moved-left no forwarding address. Please send an updated address tp sfpatreasurer@gmail.com.
Samantha Henderson
SFPA Treasurer

30 10 2009

I emailed you. Again, sorry for the mix-up.

1 05 2010


I highly doubt that I’m relaying anything new here, and I hate to dredge up an old post (I just discovered this blog) but it is important to remember that the SFPA was founded by a fairly radical feminist, Suzette Haden-Elgin, who authored “The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense”, the entire underlying metaphorical premise of which is that criticism and hostile verbal remarks are comparable to physical attack, and who went so far as to design an entire constructed language, Laadan, specifically for female use in the context of an oppressive male status quo in her science-fiction novels. This is not to say anything necessarily negative or disparaging about Mrs. Hadin-Elgin, but she’s most definitely a feminist, and given this publication track record, I’d classify her as nearly if not “radical”.

3 05 2010

Fairly said, and thank you for your comments. My point was more that–in my opinion–there are a lot of more effective places or venues where one could pursue THAT discussion. The old saw about “preaching to the choir” comes to mind. Still, people have the right to discuss whatever they choose on their own blog…and as I reread this old post I see that as a fatal flaw in my argument. I appreciate you bringing this back up and allowing me to re-examine it. As for Ms. Haden-Elgin, it doesn’t bother me a whit as to her stance of women’s rights…however radical they may or may not be. I’m not opposed in any way to the rights of people to hold and express their personal and political beliefs, because I enjoy those rights as well. I just hope that my favorite form of poetry doesn’t become politicized.

Thank you for reading the post and taking the time to respond. It is very nice to meet you.


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