i think i figured it out…

7 10 2009

…i live in my poetry.  i never come up out of it.  for air.  i was thinking the other day about how wonderful life would be had i been able to do what i love to do rather than what i have to do.  i hate doing shit that i have to do.  doing shit that i have to do makes me want to strangle kittens.  then out of nowhere it dawned on me that i have been doing what i want to do all my life.  i mistakenly thought that i was also going to become rich and famous from it.  not poetry, of course.  writing.

i have dodged this question in my mind for years…why do i so enjoy writing and publishing poetry, specifically science fiction (and occasionally "speculative"–there’s a nod to the usurpers) poetry and so hate trying to write fiction?  well i’ll by-God tell you.  when i write poetry it is me trying to express the artistic side of myself.  when i write fiction i am trying to become rich and famous.

i’m never going to become rich and famous for my fiction.  i’m gonna keep writing it, mind you.  quitting fiction would be like quitting beer.  ha.  fuck that.

stephen king’s poetry sucks, btw.  i think we should all pause and reflect on that.

(also i’m tired of key-words and categories and tags and all that bullshit.  fuck that too).




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