BACK! Finally. And “The Strange Attractor” up at Astropoetica

1 09 2009

There is a slight glitch in my poem up at Astropoetica, but it is not Ms. Gaskin’s fault.  She sent me an e-mail for proofing but I was smack in the middle of the move from hell.  Alas, I was without Internet access at the time.  Fortunately it is minor.

What an issue!  Geoffrey A. Landis is in there!  It’s all great reading and trust me, I have poured over it many times.  May pop over there again when I’m done here.

Anyway, I’m totally out of touch with the community.  I trust that all the previous conflicts have died down and everyone has edited their "Friends" lists accordingly.

Goodbye Oklahoma.  I miss you…




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