How Gary Numan is responsible for most of this

3 08 2009

Here’s a funny little story that is TOTALLY APROPOS OF TOTALLY NOTHING!!!!:)!!!!:D!!!!!

I remember back in 1981, my junior year of high school, I was a HUGE Gary Numan fan.  I was totally into the "new wave" thing.  Youwould have to have endured the 70’s in some significant way to understand what I am saying.

Anyway, I started writing science fiction poems, inspired by Mr. Numan’s lyrics and music, combined with my love of science fiction.  What’s funny about it is that, at the time, I thought I had invented the whole thing.  For one precious moment I thought I had invented the whole goddamn thing.  Science fiction poetry?  Yup!  That was me!

Alas, I found out otherwise.  The Elgins and Fraziers and Bostons of the world had beat me to it long before.  It pre-existed me.  And I had to respect that.  So I brought what I had to offer TO that, and then tried to influence the movement with my poetry.  We didn’t have the Internet and World Wide Web and blogs and shit back then.  I couldn’t suddenly self-identify as a "speculative poet" and then go online to pontificate about the whole thing and tell everybody else what it was all  about and how it oughta be run.

Wow, sucks to be me not.

ANYWAY…I have been brainstorming on my S&SF poetry mag.  Clearly we are going to need one.  I have three bullet-points so far:

  • It should be an outlet for science and science fiction poetry
  • It should be a paying market
  • It should be a real magazine, not a webzine

It will probably start out as a free newsletter–and I have a WAY cool idea for that.

Oh, and I’m moving into the unknown this weekened.  You can follow my progress via the Twitter segment on the sidebar of my Vacuum Genesis blog.




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