Cooking dinner for my family…thought I’d pop in

28 07 2009

It occurs to me that not much has changedin the last, oh, forever.  Or at least since life appeared on this planet.

From a purely biological perspective, life is really nothing more than an ongoing exchange of protein.  Organism "A" consumes organism "B."  "A" adds to its own mass and fuel’s it’s own metabolism by ingesting and breaking down the stored energy in "B’s" mass.  Then "C" comes along and consumes "A" for the same reason.

We still do that.  I consume you every day.  Every day, you consume me.  Have you ever wondered why society puts such a value on "hard work?"  On "productivity?"  It’s because without that, we would literally be killing and eating each other, or killing each other to secure access to the proteins that we need to add to our mass, and fuel our metabolisms.

It seems like most of human history is a process of refining the manner in which we kill and eat each other.  I go to work every day and burn calories as I make widgets.  You go to work every day and burn calories to make bumfuggles.  You buy my widgets and I buy your bumfuggles.  I use your dollars to buy food, and you use my dollars to do the same.  We reduce body mass and expend energy at the same time, then we exchange it so that when the process is complete, we have both regained body mass and stored energy.

It’s the way that we circumvent "survival of the fittest."  If I don’t make those widgets and you don’t toil away at those bumfuggles, then we are going to have to meet up somewhere to see which one of us can kill and eat the other.  Even if you are just renting a DVD, you are eating other people.  Gobs of them.  The writer, the director, the producer and all the actors, even the goof that takes your money and puts it in a shiny plastic bag.

Mnnnyumm nyom nyom!


I suppose it is our species’ greatest achievement that it strives to overcome its own biology.




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