Strange Lights In The Sky

5 06 2009

This stuff is about four years old. I sat on it for a long time because I wanted to run it as a UFO story. It’s not. What we have here is a very interesting meteorological phenomenon that bears a bit of examination and study.

A friend of mine was driving south from Oklahoma City. I can’t tell you whether she is on I-35 or the H. E. Bailey Turnpike. Maybe someone more familiar with those routes could tell from the pictures.

Along the way she encountered a storm which in all likelihood would have been moving east or northeast. Figure 1 below sets the scene.








 In this image we can see the storm to the south moving toward us. As the sequence progresses the storm will pass us on our right. The storm appears to be anywhere from five to ten miles away, and we can see a pretty well-defined lowered base which would indicate that what we are seeing is a mesocyclone–that is, a rotating thunderstorm. If we look very closely at the area straight ahead and above the highway we can just begin to make out some tiny lights floating in the air just beneath the base of this storm. Figure 1 detail highlights the area in question, with arrows pointing to the strange lights.







In the second set of images we are a little closer to the storm. There is a truly alarming funnel shape on the right side of the rain shaft but I can’t say for certain if it is in fact a tornado. It is kind of in the wrong position in the storm for that, opposite of the obviously lowered section of the storm on the left.

You can very clearly see the light objects now, particularly in the detail of this image.
















The third image is taken shortly after the second, and shows us pretty much the same phenomena. The funnel feature persists, and in the detail we can count 7 light objects. That is significant in that I count the same number in the previous image. These light objects are persisting, not winking in and out, or on and off.
















In the fourth sequence a couple of minutes have passed. We are a closer and the angles have all changed. I cannot count seven light images in this shot, but as we will see in the next image, they are still there. The funnel feature seems to have dissipated.








I can count seven light images in this next set of images, but I have to admit that one of them may well be the setting sun. My friend is driving south and shooting out of her passenger-side window, which means that she is shooting west. The former funnel feature is now very pronounced, and it’s position in the storm is more where I would expect it to be if I were in fact chasing this storm and I knew for a fact that it was tornadic.










In the final set of images I can only clearly see three of the strange lights, but I note that the others may well be lost in the brightness of the setting sun. The possible tornadic feature persists, and the detail is truly startling. Whatever these things are, they are there.

I think the salient points are as follows:

  • The lights are very plainly visible
  • The lights persist over a long period of time
  • The lights are clearly associated with the storm, and moving with it
  • There appears to be some tornadic circulation in this storm
  • The number of lights provably remains consistent over a certain period of time, and may well remain consistent throughout the entire sequence if we allow for the limitations of the camera and the intrusion of the setting sun into the images

Not UFO’s, this is clearly some sort of meteorological phenomenon. The strange lights are moving, but they are moving slowly, with the storm. They are not darting around, or winking in and out.

I have no idea what it might be. Really big and long-lived ball lightning? I very very rarely canvass for comments on this blog, but I would love to hear what other people think about this.

(I apologize for the screwed up formatting of this post.  Any time I have a lot of pics this happens.  The Internet sucks;)




2 responses

6 06 2009

Kewl. I have no comments as to what it might be (except maybe superheated debris–yes, i am a wee bit simple), but it looks groovy.

24 06 2010

Dude .. i just saw a set of 5 lights like a group of mad birds circling around for almost 20-30 minutes over mississauga .. i first thought it to be kids playing with beam Lights but its already 2:00 AM ..
realy eerie

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