Another Stormy Night…

25 05 2008

We had a couple weeks of peace and calm, and I had just about convinced myself that summer arrived early.  Goodbye spring!  Goodbye severe weather!

Not so fast.  For the past three days, and apparently for today and the next two days, there has been a dry line stalled in the east Texas panhandle.  This causes a situation in which thunderstorms blow up along the dry line and then move northeast every afternoon and evening.  This is a particularly debilitating set of circumstances as it is usually the same regions that get hammered day after day.  It jangles the nerves.

Fortunately (for my region, at any rate, much less fortunate for those affected) all the action has been north and west of where I live.  But I have noticed that the area creeps a little closer each day, and the storms have been getting progressively more violent.  The photo above shows a storm about 70 miles north of my location.  Here is a link to KWTV and tons of video footage showing what that storm was doing, including the much talked about “pig farm” tornado.  There are some brief local adverts at the start of each clip, but they are short and only marginally annoying.  It’s worth looking at.

This morning’s NWS hazardous weather outlook sounds a lot like yesterday’s, and probably a lot like what tomorrow’s will sound like as well.  This crap won’t end until sometime Tuesday, when a cold front moves in from the north and pushes the whole business out of the area.

So this Memorial Day weekend is blown.  I wonder what it is like to live in a place where spring is a beautiful reward for having survived winter?




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