Letting The Cables Sleep

24 02 2008

Sometimes–a lot of times, really–I think we had more when there was less.

Less what. I don’t know. Less everything. I remember as a kid, growing up in Colorado, it was a big deal for my mom to let me stay up late on a Friday night to watch “Shock Theatre.” We only had four television channels back then, one of which was the Public Broadcasting System (boring stuff, mostly). Shock Theatre came on around 10:30 p.m., maybe 11:00, and they always showed some old black and white horror flick. Dracula Has Risen From The Grave! sticks out in my mind. By the time the movie ended, everyone in the house but me was asleep, and it was easy back then to imagine that I was the only person awake in the whole world. Well, me and the guy running the movie that I was watching on t.v. What made it special was the fact that all the other stations had gone off the air. We didn’t have 110 channels of crap running 24/7. When Shock Theatre was over, that was it. You were done. They flew the flag, played the anthem, and then the screen went to snow.

There’s a song by a group called Bush: Letting The Cables Sleep. I love that image. Sometimes I wish we could just shut everything down for awhile. Let the cables sleep.

Does anybody else feel like we got cheated, somehow? This isn’t the world that I grew up thinking I would live in; this isn’t the life that I always thought I would lead.

There’s too much. Too many voices, mine among them. The Internet has turned out to be a disaster, a digital cacophony of rage and free trade.

Too many movies and books and stories and ideas. The creativity that used to spur our imagination, stifles it. The urge for real exploration and adventure is muted by the flood of images and false interactivity that we experience while we are sitting on our asses in front of some screen.

Let them go. Let them lie down.

Let the cables sleep.




2 responses

13 07 2009

Love this. I feel exactly the same way.

14 07 2009

Thank you for reading Billie. And I love your blog!

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