Three Easy Steps

5 08 2007

Says so right on the box. “Three Easy Steps.” What they fail to mention (until you get the damn thing home and read the set-up manual, which is considerably longer than three pages, I might also add) is that the pool will only work on perfectly level ground. Honestly, how many places on the entire planet are perfectly level? Doesn’t Nature abhor a straight line? I abhor this friggen pool. Yes, indeed I do.

Another thing that I learned…don’t set the damn thing up under a tree. They don’t make a heater for a pool this size, and the thing needs direct sunlight for most of the day. That is, unless you get some sort of perverse pleasure out of watching your children’s lips turn blue and their teeth chatter whenever they swim in it. The most level stretch of ground in my back yard (one that only required three hours of digging and leveling) is right under a big old elm tree. I figured what the heck…it gets hot under elm trees, at least where I live. Not hot enough, obviously. My son hopped in the first time, shrieked, and he hasn’t been back in since then. NOW I’m going to have to move the damn thing, which means I’ll have to drain it, and God knows how much more digging and leveling. I hope I don’t accidentally poke a big-ass hole in it in the process.

In other news, I’m trying to work out a cool interview with the guy who developed PageFour, the word processor that I use. Cool dude and cool product. Hopefully by next Sunday.

Thank you Blogger, for screwing up my “Picture Of The Day” element over in the sidebar. That thing has worked just fine for years, now it’s goofed up. Appreciate it!

Still can’t tell you the name of my Super Secret book project, but it is coming along nicely, thank you. I am out of “preproduction” and happily working away on the first draft. More on that in the near future.




6 responses

9 08 2007

you’ve still got an elm tree?!!
I remember them as tall stately trees whose graceful arms embraced the blue sky.

I must say you are one fine poetry reviewer on AW.

9 08 2007

Maybe it’s an elm, hell, I don’t know. Sounded good. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by; what a pleasant surprise! Don’t be a stranger.

11 08 2007


Seems I’ve heard that “abhors a straight line” comment somewhere before…lol.

11 08 2007

It’s either a straight line, or a vacuum. I never can remember which. Hey, thanks for dropping by Mark (it is Mark, right? I know so few people online by name, and yet I can never keep track). I appreciate it!

16 08 2007

Yes, it’s Mark. And if that’s a quote from that curmudgeonly poet Limeydawg, then it’s “abhors a straight line.” I’m partial to that one…he he.

16 08 2007

It sure as hell is. I TOLD you that poem resonated with me! I didn’t even make the connection. No harm intended, of course. I could use a few “straight lines” in my back yard…preferably in a 14′ X 14′ square.

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